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Crack Filling

Crack Filling


To maintain an attractive appearance and protect your asphalt, sealcoating is recommended. You should have a protective surface coating applied to your pavement every 2-3 years. Sealcoating helps the pavement "hold on" to its aggregate, prolonging its life and keeping more expensive repair costs down. Sealcoating your pavement will also protect it from oxidation and spills, and applied at recommended intervals will prolong the life of your pavement indefinitely at a fraction of replacement costs.  

Crack Filling

Crack Filling

Crack Filling


Pavement cracks and inspection should be done annually. Cracks that remain unsealed will allow water to continue to penetrate, causing more severe damage and deterioration at the asphalt base. In our winter climate, water penetration and ice freezing into pavement pores, combined with salt acts as a catalyst in the deterioration process. Once water/ice are allowed to penetrate these cracks, it beings to quickly deteriorate, and can become a pot hole. The longer cracks go unrepaired, the greater the damage to the base, and the higher the risk of increased cracking. Cracking is an "early sign" of wear and tear, and should be addressed quickly.  


Crack Filling

Line Striping


If deterioration of the pavement has already taken place, replacement of the damaged pavement may be possible. Isolated issues can occasionally be fixed by patching. When areas of damage to your pavement are less than 15% of the overall lot, spot repair and patching are recommended.  

Line Striping

Catch Basin Repair

Line Striping


Professional parking spot line striping enhances the aesthetics of your parking lot, keeping employees and clients safer, and making the best use of the overall space. Line striping provides structure and guidance, clearly marked handicapped spaces, keeps intersections and sidewalks clear, prevents "door dings" and fender benders, and even accidents. These types of accidents could leave your business vulnerable to lawsuits. Professional line striping can prevent injury, property damage, and costly litigation.  

Catch Basin Repair

Catch Basin Repair

Catch Basin Repair


Draining water properly and efficiently in any parking lot can be a challenge to most business owners. It's important to effectively drain water from your parking lot as water is one of the leading causes of asphalt deterioration. Catch basins are usually one of the first sites of parking lot problems, and they can deteriorate easily. Repairing damaged catch basins will benefit your entire parking lot, and reduce the risk of damaged vehicles. 




1. How soon can I apply a sealcoat to freshly laid asphalt?
As soon as the asphalt is laid a chemical reaction takes place and it begins to oxidize. When some of the light oils leave the surface it can be sealed. A simple test will tell when it is ready for sealing. Spread some water on the surface. It the water spreads evenly without beading and shows no “rainbows” from surface oils you are ready. This is called a “water break test”. It usually takes about 90 days. We suggest twelve months.

2. How often should I sealcoat my asphalt?
Every two to three years. Many factors must be considered including the amount of traffic and exposure to deteriorating elements. Too much sealer is detrimental. Sealer buildup will cause “mud cracking”, surface cracks throughout the pavement.

3. How much does asphalt sealcoating cost?
Asphalt sealing only costs pennies per square foot. Seyrek Sealers will give you a free, no strings attached quote.

4. Will Seyrek Sealers match a competitor’s price?
We are confident that when comparing “apples to apples” Seyrek Sealers offers the best value for your dollar.

5. Does Seyrek Sealers offer group discounts?
Yes, give us a call and we’ll let you know how our group discount works.

6. How long does sealer take to dry and cure?
Drying and curing are two different terms. It is very important to understand the difference. Under normal conditions the sealer will dry to the touch in about an hour. The entire curing process can take up to six weeks as the molecular structure changes and the product hardens. These times will vary based on temperature, humidity and the amount of direct sunlight the area receives. Under most circumstances normal use can resume after 24  hours.

7. How long should my asphalt last?
The cost of replacing non maintained asphalt costs seven times what it would cost to maintain the original asphalt. A properly maintained asphalt pavement will last up to three times longer than an unsealed pavement. This can amount to thousands of dollars, even for small parking lots or small driveways. A properly installed, well maintained asphalt surface should last 20 years.

8. What type of sealcoat does Seyrek Sealers use?
Unlike some competitors who may spray on sealer causing a mess, Seyrek Sealers uses horse hair squeegee brushes, to apply a clean coat of sealer. 100% petro seal is applied to all oil spots before sealing, to act as a barrier so that they harsh chemicals don’t disturb the sealer. Our commercial grade coal tar sealer includes 2% of top tough sealer hardener, as well as a 2:1 silica sand ratio for longevity and traction.

9. What type of crack filler does Seyrek Sealers use?
For commercial use we use a hot applied rubberized sealant. This product works best but does present the possibility of tracking. For residential projects we use a cold pour product that blends acrylic copolymers and reinforcing fillers specifically designed to outperform traditional asphalt based crack fillers. This product is sold only commercially and is not available at home improvement centers.

10. What should I do to prepare for my driveway or parking lot to be sealed?
Make sure the cars are off the pavement; residential customers, by 8:00 am, commercial customers by 7:00 am or as agreed upon. Put the pets where they can’t walk across the wet sealer and turn off the sprinkler system.

11. When can I drive on newly applied sealer?
Seal drying time generally takes 24 hours to walk on, and 48 hours to drive on. Some applications may take longer to dry.

12. What if it rains the day I am scheduled to have the work performed?
As we all know even using the most advanced data, forecasting the weather is no more than an educated guess. Typically, after an hour or two, rain won’t adversely affect the sealer. If a shower washes away any sealer, Seyrek Sealers will touch-up or re-seal, at no additional cost, keeping the customer’s best interest in mind. We will do our best not to compromise the integrity of the work. We cannot however, be responsible for any damage that might occur due to rain.

13. The Seyrek Sealers Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our guarantee. If any problems with the job performed, please contact us. Material/Labor are guaranteed for 2 years, unless snowplowed. Oil/gas spots, crack fill and patching are not guaranteed. 


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